Journey (100 word challenge)

October 13, 2016

See you later mum!” It was 1954 and Sammy Smith was shouting goodbye to her mum and trudged off to school. She was 11 years old, had just started at Rommlands Secondary School and had a group of friends – Madeleine, Maisie, Giselle, Renee, Maria, Angelina and Sammy.

Sammy had to cross a railway track to get to school. As she was crossing, the gates started to close. She ran to the other side, but it was too late – then the lock clicked and a figure appeared. Was it the ghost of the steam train driver? Nobody really knew. Well, not until now…

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  1. 17dang said:

    Hi Amira,
    Wow! A fantastic 100 Word Challenge. I really enjoyed reading it and I wonder who the figure is? The suspense is killing me.
    I especially like how you used dashes in your work and how you used it correctly. I also liked how you used Elipses in your work to really build the tension. A definately spooky 100WC and one that I really enjoyed. Keep up the fantastic work Amira!

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