My birthday

October 13, 2016

Today was going to be my birthday. I’m really exited and I Can’t wait because all my friends are coming. My house was gorgeously decorated. There were multicoloured balloons and a lot of mouthwatering food. As I greedily looked at the food the door bell ringed and some of my friends came in. A few minutes later every one was here so I said “why don’t we play hide and seek. My friend was counting so I hid in the cupboard.     Then the lock clicked and I got locked so I was stuck in a cupboard. It was terrifying it was as dark as the night. Then I heard the guests going and then mum opened the cupboard with the key. And that was the end of my birthday.


3 Responses to “My birthday”

  1. 18amira said:

    Great story Jakub!
    Make sure everything makes sense though!

  2. 18kendrick said:

    I wish I was in the party, sounds terific!

  3. 18anthony said:

    Jakub I wish you a happy happy (x100000) birthday and good presents

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