October 13, 2016

One night, the lights were flickering. It was pitch black outside and nobody was there, they all must have went to bed so I did too. The thunderstorm woke me up, it wasn’t there before I went to sleep. I went and checked it out.

Thankfully, the bright sun came shinning out through the white stained glass. It was a matter of time people came out with their big briefcases to go to work. It was only now that I realised that I had a wife and a daughter, they both came out and said good morning to me so I said the same thing to them.  I was a bit puzzled since I didn’t recognise any of them and it looked a bit mysterious.

As my wife came, she helped me make some pancakes for our daughter. She liked it a lot so we gave her some more and we had some too. However I spent the day with them and carried on as normal for whatever reason. Then it was night again, my daughter was already in her bed while my wife and I were watching TV downstairs then after a while we decided to go to bed. Suddenly, our daughter started to scream out loud so, we dashed to her room. We opened the door and had a look at what she was screaming about.  I told my wife to step back. Surprisingly, when I entered her room she was not in her bed and all I heard was, “Daddy watch out behind you”. All I felt was a sharp pain in my back and I could hear my wife asking me, “Is everything ok?” Blood was dripping on the floor, everything was blurry. I saw my daughter walk up to me crying as I tried to reach up to her. The doorbell was ringing, I got up so fast and my heart was racing. That’s when I realised it was all a nightmare.



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  1. 18melanny said:

    I love he story but remember don’t put a full stop right after a speech mark!

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