3 Nov 1998

It’s bonfire night in 2 days. Mum’s sending invitations for our firework party. She said we’ll buy some fireworks, though I don’t want to – I’m not keen on fireworks. At least I’ll see my friends!

 4 Nov 1998

1 day till bonfire night. Everybody’s coming, so I’ll  have some friends. Mum and Dad are setting up today.

5 Nov 1998

Bonfire night!  6:30 – we’ve seen 19 fireworks. Time for the last one… BANG!!! What was that? There’s smoke everywhere! What just…it can’t have…Dad is an expert at fireworks.

As the smoke cleared, you could see a colossal fire!!! You could feel the immense blaze burning down on you.

I told you I’m not keen on fireworks…

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  1. 18isabelle said:

    It is amazing!!!

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