St. Anne

November 5, 2016

Where did St. Anne live?

St. Anne lived in Nazarith with her family. She was the mother of Mary and she was a very important person.

What was St. Anne’s life?

St. Anne was the wife of a man called St. Joachim. He was a priest in the temple. She took care of her husband and her daughter Mary after she was born!

What is their special area?

We could pray to St. Anne if you want to be a great mother you can pray to her and she might be able to help you.

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  1. 18isabelle said:

    Melanny, I can really see how hard you have worked and you put your heart into it you really do love R.E and care about your work. You really did take your time to do this peace of work. You used great punctuation and I like the pictures you added.
    Well done.

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