100 word challenge

November 15, 2016

One day, it was the last day of school. Annie and Tika were both exited about their holiday! Annie wanted to go to the hotel, Tika wanted to go to a ¬†cruse ship. Suddenly they both fighted on were they were going. Their mum told them to go to the beach. The girls thought for a minute…

They loved it! But where were they going on which beach. Mum said Butlins!!!!!! It took more than 3h but it was fun there. There was a surprise for both girls. they were going to the hotel and after that the ship! What a fun day…

2 Responses to “100 word challenge”

  1. 18olivia said:

    Dear Kendrick,

    Great hundred word challenge about Annie and Tika! Your writing was full of ideas. What you can improve on is capital letters. You missed some. Also maybe you could use more interesting vocabulary. But your writing was great. A good try.

  2. 18kendrick said:


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