St.Therese (The Little Flower)

November 15, 2016

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St.Therese was the saint of the child Jesus. She was born in 1873, and died in 1897. St.Therese was one of the Patron saint of missions and helps people when they suffer.

St.Therese lived in Lisieux, in France. She was one of nine children (though 4 of  the other children died, which meant she was one of 5 children, all girls). Her mother died when she was only 4; her new mother was her 16 year old sister, Pauline.   As a child she didn’t like being criticised and cried a lot.  Therese’s sister, Celine, didn’t want Therese to grow up, so she would still fill up Therese’s shoes with gifts at Christmas (a French Christmas tradition) even at the age of fourteen, when most children had outgrown this custom.

In Therese’s life, she fell very sick. One day, she saw her sisters praying for her, in front of a statue of Mary. Therese also started praying to Mary.Once she had finished, Therese saw an image of Mary and Mary smiled at her. Therese was cured!


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