The Dragon part 1

November 15, 2016

10 years ago there were lots of crimes about a dragon that was killing lots of people such as children, mothers and fathers! But there was a reason why the dragon was doing these horrible things. Read this story and you will find out.


There is a dragon that lives in a very small town. But obviously it didn’t live in a house. Duh, anyways it lived in a cave with her egg (yes its a female dragon) and she hates thinking about it going missing. Later that day, the dragon wondered if she should ever come out of her cave, but how will she get food? I mean she could kill the people but she wanted them to live (yes it’s a nice dragon NOW).

You might be thinking, um hello? Why can’t she go search for food. Well, no , that’s not what she wants to do because she is a very nice dragon and she wants EVERYTHING to live just like she is living. But if she gets angry with some one, um will she kill him/her? YES obviously just because shes a dragon doesn’t mean she is ALWAYS nice.

The next day she realized her egg was gone! Who would do such a thing? How did she not smell the person or people while she was asleep?! Well something happened and, oh boy, there going to get into the deepest trouble ever!!!! After a few hours of looking in on the ground she realized she had a mission set up. Her mission was to go out in midnight when everyone is asleep and check those people. She’s not scared because she is a dragon.

Finally it came, the midnight has come into the town of burglars (well, kind of because we don’t know if they have it). Mrs.Dragon (lets just call her that for now) went outside to face these people. Untill a shiny blue and pink egg caught her eyes. Mrs.Dragon wanted to burst out with tears but she would wake everyone up. Well luckily I have a photo of the egg right here. Image result for pink and blue dragon egg—————————————-——–>

Isn’t beautiful? Oh yes it is. It’s so shiny! Ok back to the story, oh you don’t know how angry she was! You could already see fire in her eyes instead of her mouth! Will she get her egg back? How? Will she get trapped or will she complete her big mission? Well the next part will be coming out!

To be continued….


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