The holocaust

November 15, 2016

During World War Two there was this terrible thing going on called the holocaust. It was when Adolf Hitler was killing  lots and lots of Jews. He was doing this because he thought it was the Jews fault that Germany lost World War One and the money problems after the First World War. In fact he blamed the Jews for everything. He took the Jews to a death camp which is also known as a concentration camp. He took the Jews there by a train with hundreds of Jews in one carriage. Many Jews died in the trains because it took a few days to get to the camps and they had no food or drinks.

The Jews were treated really badly there. The Jews were used as slaves and when more Jews got caught and came the Jews that were there before would be killed. They killed them by putting the into massive rooms and telling them they will take a shower. Actually what they did was put chains onto the door so the can’t come out and let in poisonous gas. Family’s went to separate death camps, even it was a baby!

In total six million Jews died which is nearly as much as the amount of people which live in London. There is a famous book called ‘Ann Franks diary’ which was a thirteen year old Jewish girls diary. She lived on top of a restaurant behind a book shelf. She, her sister, mum, dad and a few other Jews lived there with only four rooms! Eventually they got found and sent to the death camps. Luckily Ann’s dad (Otto Franks) somehow escaped but the rest of his family died.

Two months after Ann Franks died Adolf Hitler killed himself because he knew he would be captured by the English, French, Russian and American soldiers. His party (nazi)  was then defeated.

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