The magical book

November 15, 2016

One day there was a boy called Tom. Today was the day his class was going to change their books. As he looked in the library on the top shelf there was an ancient book which said ‘do not read!!!’ Tom didn’t care what it said he just took it home. As he was going back from school the book started to let out awkward particles. He knew it was a mistake taking it but there was no way back the school gates were closed.

When he got home he desided to be brave and well read it. With out a warning when he opened the book he got grabbed in. Whenever he opened his eyes he realised he was in a magical world. He saw a nearby lake so he ran to it. Quickly he dashed towards it and when he got there he saw that it was purple and  sparkles came out of it. Suddenly he got out of the book because his mother bellowed,’Dinners ready!’ After he ate got back into the book.

This time he was in a village, but something in him told him that the village wasn’t nice. When he looked around he realised it was abandoned. As he turned round the corner he saw a giant spider so he jumped back out of the book. ‘Few, that was a close one,’ He thought to himself.

The next time he tried he was in a tasty place. As he looked around he saw that the place was made of sweets. The trees were lolly pops, the lakes where made of custard and the clouds were made of candy floss! It was like a dream. It would of been great eating all the sweets but however a ginger bread man came and looked at him. It must of been confused because it was trying to do all sorts of things with me. For example he tried to eat me. I dashed away from him and bumped into a giant gummy bear!!! 

I quickly jumped back out and thought to myself .”Ok I think I should trash this book all it is is pure evil.” The next day his teacher asked him,”can I see your book Tom?” ‘Oh no’ he thought to himself.


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