Adventure. (100WC.)

November 19, 2016

There once was a group of adventurers called the adventure-poxes. They loved adventuring out into the ginormous world. They went from rain forest to river, from mountain to moor.  But where were they going this time? To another forest? To another waterfall?

“Let’s go to Clomit Cave! I’ve heard there is a pearl of good fortune at the very back of the cave!”         Ando explained, he was the leader of the adventure-poxes.                                                                         “I’m not sure…” but Otto was interrupted by a chorus of ‘YES’ from everybody.                                     “Let’s go now!” shouted Ando. So everybody followed him.

Did they retrieve the pearl of good fortune? Who knows, they never returned…


4 Responses to “Adventure. (100WC.)”

  1. Mrs Addleton said:

    Hi Amira,

    I love the use of the phrase ‘mountain to moor’ and how exciting to be on an an adventure for a pearl of good fortune! You really built up some tension by asking the question at the end. I wonder however, if you used the correct prompt for week 11?

  2. nikita said:

    that is the best story I have ever heard.

  3. Sarah said:

    Amira, I think this is a very good beginning to an interesting story. I encourage you to write the rest if you can think of anything good. Thumbs up!

  4. Mia B said:

    I love that they were called the aventure-poxes! Well done 18amira!

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