Mission diamond

November 19, 2016

Once there was a teacher called me ruddy he lived in a normal world with normal people but is he a normal person? The answer well it is top secret so do not tell anyone. Are you ready for the answer well here it is NO!!! He might look like a normal guy well he is not. He actually is not even a human he is a alian from the planet krypton. He were’s a human costume and what’s his mission well it is to get the diamond from underground of St. Paul’s school.It was late at night everyone from the school has gone home. Mr Ruddy took one last obbidiant look around. Nothing. So he went down stairs were the reception class learns he looks one more time. Nothing. So he took a shovel from the staff room and laughed horrifically,”I will find the diamond to the world!!!!!” He was at the bottom of the world. The core.He looked around the diamond was there he took it quickly. He climbed up with the diamond. When he got to the top he saw police around him. He was petrified then he took out his jetpack and then he was never to be seen again…

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  1. Valentina said:

    Nice story Ela. But remember, after a fullstop leave a space. I loved the fact, that you used Mr. Ruddy in your story. It kind of made me laugh. I also liked the bit when Mr.Ruddy was laughing like manic in the staff room. The question at the start really made me want to read more. Also, remember that a name or a place, ( like, Planet Krypton). You always write it with a capital letter at the start. But, in total a lovely story. Keep up the great work!!

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