November 19, 2016

The nightmare was coming, it was coming to all the children in the world. But nobody knows what it is but only one knows , she was called Annie. She didn’t want to tell everyone because she thought it was funny. Was it really? (ill let you decide) The nightmare was coming on the 31st of October. Even though Annie knew it was coming she didn’t know what was coming. As she searched up what was coming on 31st of October nothing came up. Annie told herself , ” Maybe i might just wait for tommorow and see what happens” she went to bed and guess what… yes she woke up!!! But do you know why? Ill tell you… THE NIGHTMARE CAME!!!!! Yes the horrible thing that Annie wanted to find out! It was a…….. dark figure. A dark figure? Wait so all along it was a dark figure that was the nightmare? Anyways, the nightmare was the dark figure, he went capturing all the children but there was only 1 person to stop him. It was Annie, she needed to stop him and save the world but how? Well she has a special object in her closet. Will Annie be able to stop this figure that is catching everyone? Who knows……………..

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  1. Valentina said:

    I loved the story Melanny what was the magic object. Please make a part 2 I want to know how Annie saves all the children. But, remember I is a capital an remember i’ll has an ‘ in it ok. But, in total your story was fantastic. Well done. Keep it up Melanny.

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