November 19, 2016

Firstly, a huge well done to all of Y5 for such a lovely assembly on Friday. You did amazingly well and I was very proud of you all.

Explain what messages you learned about life from our assembly.

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  1. 18izabela said:

    I have learned if we fix our selfs the world would be a better place. It would be a better place because people will care for the world not just for them selfs. All the problems would be fixed and there would not be any problems.So before we fix the world we need to fix our selfs.

    I also learned that God sends us chances at diffrent times on any day. It is our duty to take the chances God gives us. That is what I have learned from our assembly.

  2. 18etchan said:

    I learnt that you should always forgive each other and be kind to one another. God gives us lots of opportunities to love him and serve him.Each of us have something to offer to the poor and time for charity.we may be selfish and never share but we must help God. We must be co-creators and make the world a better place. All of us must make the world a better place especially for the poor people who need help.

  3. Sarah said:

    I learned that even if you are not powerful, you can still make a big difference. You can cheer someone up if they are upset. Even if you are a small person you can still make a brighter and happier place. I also learned that if we all pull together we can make a better world. We would set an example and other people could do the same,good thing(or things).

  4. Antosh said:

    Our assembly was fun.It had loads of actors, the whole class took part in it.
    Jakub and Kendrick had loads of acting .
    You could hear everything because the whole class had a microphone.
    The class learned the lines, good even the worst learners.
    The assembly tought me to give service to other people. Help them and be good to them.
    To go to peoples houses when they need you. For example go to your grandma when she is ill and help her to clean her house.

  5. 18melanny said:

    I have learned that if we can fix a person then the world can be a better place. Also, we are making choices about if we want to give things to the people who are in need. We can also give service.

  6. 18gradi said:

    In our Assembly I learnt to fix my self. I Also learnt that we could be co-creators not de-creators. If we be co-creators the world will be a better place than it is now.

  7. 18lazar said:

    I learned that we must always try our best no matter how weak we are and if we do one good thing others will join. Also if we fix ourselves the world will become a better place.

  8. 18olivia said:

    First of all, I learned that if we fix ourselves the world take cares of itself and will be a much more comforting place. Also its okay to change. The assembly made people cry because they didn’t listen to others or be kind. Everyone learned to pay attention to everyone because God sends us opportunities to be kind. Like the kind raindrop, when you help others and respect them they will be thrilled too. We also must care for the environment and others. We should treat them like we would like to be treated.

  9. Valentina said:

    From my assembly I learned, that if we want do change the world, don’t go and try to correct other people. First, you need to fix yourself, and if everyone does this. The world would be good. The world right is not good because, people not care for each other, they don’t care for the world. Eg: wasting paper or, cutting down trees. Even though, trees give us oxegen. All people care about these days is them selfs. So, if we all fix ourselfs the world will be fixed.

  10. 18Aliyah said:

    From our assembly, I learnt that if we fix ourselves the world can be a much brighter and happier place. I’ve also learnt if one person tries to make a difference we should follow the same example and the world we be a better place.

  11. 18wiktoria said:

    I have learned that you dont have to always think of yourself.I also learned that you shouldnt be mean to others or you can help others in the story of the raindrops.

  12. 18isabelle said:

    Mr Ruddy I really enjoyed it and my mum said it was probably the best assembly she has ever seen and that she was going to cry near to the end. The music really made me emotional too even though I heard it loads of times. It was amazing!

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