January 15, 2017

It was Wednesday the last day of school and my cousins from France were coming. When they arrived, They said that we were going to Winter Wonderland to go on the rides but then I fell asleep inside the car until we arrived there. When we all got home I asked my mum  if I could open my presents but she said  that I had to wait until Christmas. Day past and morning came it was finally Christmas day. When I woke up with my cousins we rushed downstairs to open our presents and I couldn’t believe what I got. My sister Jennifer gave me a Tracy Beaker  Trilogy book abd it had 573 pages. I also got Monster high doll Dresses, my little pony blanket and pillow and more. We all prayed to have the best Christmas and a happy 2017.

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  1. 18kendrick said:

    Hi Bennedict. Kendrick here.
    I like your story about christmas. It was very good expecially your sister Jennifer. what a great story. Keep up the good work

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