Greetings… 100WC

February 2, 2017

I woke up in the middle of the night, I heard my mum talking on the phone to someone. It was dad she was talking to because he went out early to go shopping.  Finally he came back and bellowed, “I’ve got a big surprise for you all!” He told us to come outside and when we saw what the surprise […]

Year 5 Assembly

February 2, 2017

I have learnt that we should always find time for other people that we haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time. You should  have fun and should not stay home and do nothing, if someone asks you something very important even if its not your family, you shouldn’t say no because they might need  help. We […]


November 19, 2016

One day, I was walking in wood green just by the shops. After, I bought some shopping at Morrison, out of nowhere I saw two men passing by with something shining in their hands. I decided to follow them, they both turn in this small alleyway where all the recycle bins are. I was a bit confused because […]


October 13, 2016

One night, the lights were flickering. It was pitch black outside and nobody was there, they all must have went to bed so I did too. The thunderstorm woke me up, it wasn’t there before I went to sleep. I went and checked it out. Thankfully, the bright sun came shinning out through the white […]