January 15, 2017

There was rotting trees everywhere. There was a fowl stanch. As i was walking there was a dead bird rotting on the ground. I was getting goosebumps up my spine. At the maze there was a damp smell like the smell of human flesh blood. I couldn’t escape. Where was the entrance? Where was my […]

my favorite saint

November 15, 2016

My favorite saint is saint mary because shes a very good lady and she gave birth to a boy called Jesus that was blessed and could help the poor and blind people to he does this with his miricals. I also love when Mary’s incharage of all the saints and how she follows gods way.

100 word challenge

November 5, 2016

There was the smoke, it was dangerous children were crying for help. Their parents died in the fire and were taken to the hospital. As every one went home with tears, it was only Sam in the burnt house trying to investigate who burnt house. Suddenly, the smoke started to go away and Sam saw […]