January 15, 2017

Night had just arrived. Ola was walking through the the forest with her friend Valentina. They could hear wolves howling in the distance. As they passed through the forest, it felt like trees were trying to grab them with their bony fingers. They could smell danger towards them. Suddenly, footsteps started following them. When they […]

Bonfire night

November 15, 2016

On Saturday, is was bonfire night it was in the night when we had to do some fire works.  This was one of the times when we had to do something as a family. As I heard some  fireworks, I shouted ”ITS BONFIRE NIGHT”. I ran to my mum and dad told them that it was bonfire night and […]


November 5, 2016

Many years ago, lived a dragon. This dragon lived lived in a cave.This dragon was big and greedy.One day a boy named Jimmy was walking to the village,on his way he finds a mysterious cave. Right outside the cave there was a sign saying ” beware of the dragon”.Jimmy thought he was not afraid of […]