Day dissolved slowly  into  darkness  . As Olivia woke up, she was too exited to go to school to see her best friend , Gabi. Guess what she ate ,she ate peanut butter jelly sandwich . She also saved some peanut  butter  jelly sandwich for Gabi . Before Olivia came outside, she put on her […]

RE ST Elizabeth

November 15, 2016

What we know of St. Elizabeth comes from the Gospel , the book of Luke ,in particular . In Luke , Elizabeth , a daughter of the line of Aaron , and the wife of Zacharias , was ”Righteous before God ”and was ”Blameless ” but childless. Elizabeth is also a cousin to the Virgin […]

100wc gabi

November 5, 2016

On a sunny day , I bought a ticket for me to watch my favraorite singer  Talyor Swift . That night when I got there it was quiet . As Talyor Swift came out, it got so loud that I had to plug my ears. When Talyor swift started to sing it souded like Louisa […]

100 wc

October 22, 2016

One day , I woke up at about 1:00 am . I heard someone pulling the doors of my flat . I was terrified of the scary noise it made . Bravely,I creeped into the spooky kitchen for an yummy drink . As I was coming closer to the window to see who was pulling […]