Missing… 100wc

January 15, 2017

SEPTEMBER 10th-11th 1980          I wasn’t sure what to do the day (night) Ali went missing! The night she went missing, it was really rainy and there was so much lightning. “where’s Ali? Where is Spencer!!?” “what do you mean Aria?” Hanna asked. As Spencer walked in, she explained how she went to go look for Ali ”I […]

S.T. Isabelle of France   Where did she live? S.T. Isabelle lived in the West of Paris. She lived In a house called House of capet. Also, she was born on March 1225 in Paris and died on February 23 1270 in France. She lived with her 2 siblings, mum and dad. Her siblings are […]

        My Barbeque and pool party      10\10\2002    Dear diary, All on a summers day is what I thought… Pfft, wait till you hear this! ” Mandy , Karim, Joe, Kyla don’t think you can be soooo lazy and let Stacey do all the work! Get down here NOW!“ of course it […]