January 15, 2017

One night Tom was in his bed, up until when he started to see multicoloured lights coming out of the dark sky. He was petrified! Slowly and carefully, he crept out of his soft and velvety bed. As he looked out of his window he saw something that he would never forget. It was a […]

100 WC

January 15, 2017

It was the middle of the night! Joe was lost in the eerie forest. His heart was beating like a wild animal trying to escape a cage. The vivid moon hid behind the clouds as if it were playing hide and seek. As the icy wind slapped his face he walked around with his hands […]

The holocaust

November 15, 2016

During World War Two there was this terrible thing going on called the holocaust. It was when Adolf Hitler was killing ┬álots and lots of Jews. He was doing this because he thought it was the Jews fault that Germany lost World War One and the money problems after the First World War. In fact […]