100wc mood

January 15, 2017

One horrific night, Jason was ready to go to Greece for the holiday and he thought to himself “It is going to be a amazing experience for me”. The next day in Greece, Jason wanted to explore a abounded maze with his new friends he made. At the maze Jason decided to bring flash lights for him  and […]

100wc space news

November 19, 2016

One day there was a scientist looking to see what was happening in space he has never seen an alien also he wanted to confirm that aliens are real. Later that day he wanted to make a voice detector to hear any sound waves at  first the signal didn’t reach space so he decided to use a telescope […]


November 19, 2016

As I was walking home, someone suspicious was following. It was like they knew me and they wanted me to be their victim. I was scared and my heart was pumping. It was the next day. I felt something was fishy going so I went to go to my friends house to find out what was behind this. Suddenly, a letter in a […]

Saint Lazarus of Bethany

November 15, 2016

Saint Lazarus lived in 12th-13th Century in the town called Bethany near Jerusalem. Lazarus, a friend of Jesus, was the poor man and he has the sisters Mary and Marta. When he became ill his sisters informed Jesus, but he did not travel immediately to Bethany as he decided to stay two more days in the […]

100wc The sewer job

November 5, 2016

One day, there was a man that wanted to clean the sewers. He finished high school recently so he wanted to get a job and he was hired. Also he was very happy. One day later while he was in the sewers his liquid nitrogen tank spilled and that was a huge disaster. People were […]