100word changle

November 19, 2016

Along time ago they live a man who liked to steel money  cars shops and and some schools.So one day the man went to England to see what he could get  when he got to England ever one said you do look very good. when he got to a shop  ever one  said  i think i […]

along time ago there was a dog that like a man. When the dog saw the man the dog went and bit and then the owner of the dog  said am  sorry that my dog bit you. So the next day  when the man went to the park  he  a dog that said  am going […]

word war 2

October 22, 2016

The  time  of word war 2   word war 2 war was not good because man had to go away a fit and the lades had to  do the man jobs.  and there children  had to been sent away from there homes and go to the court side when there got to the court side […]