January 15, 2017

I looked in front and behind me. Which way? The forest was never-ending. It was so dark, I couldn’t see anything. My hands were my eyes. Suddenly, something moved behind me… I froze. A silhouette of a man appeared in front of me. I looked up, and there I saw a person. But he wasn’t […]


November 19, 2016

Dear Diary, Today, I saw the weirdest thing. I saw creatures called humans. All the aliens had a parade called ‘ Greeting humans of Earth’. I didn’t like it that much. It was boring. Well,at least we got to try some of their ice-creams at the end. I was also able to sleep next to […]


November 15, 2016

Hi!My name is Melissa but my friends call me Mel. I don’t know why but I think its because I’m a spy. If you don’t believe me then you should cos I’m not lying. Spies never lie. Well, let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. I woke up as usual and ate my […]


November 5, 2016

It was the dead of night. The time when terrifiying things happen. Between midnight and 1:00am. Emily was going out trick or treating. She forgot that it was 12:30. That was when the petrifying stuff came and hunted down the city of Nagasaki. As she came out of the front doors,a thick fog settled onto […]

The last bug monster

October 22, 2016

After I woke up from my sleep, I heard a loud noise. Thud! Thud! Thud! As it came closer, the sound became louder and louder. I stood up and ran to hide under my bed. The thuds got louder. I think my parents didn’t wake up because I didn’t hear any shouting. I heard lots […]