The Horror 100wc

January 15, 2017

I was walking in the park with my friends but it was really dark. My friends didn’t actually “CARE”.  I tried to follow them by using my hands as my eyes I did try Okay?   But I did touch some really slimy stuff. As well there was a really stench smell like some rotting flesh? My […]

Today I was At School, Science Lesson Learning About The Moon. I always Wanted To learn about the moon and how to get there, Today I guess we are   Aren’t Going there we are just Making a letter to send them, And It Said: Hello If Your There Come Visit Us. We Were So exited […]

Re Homework Saint Patrick

November 15, 2016

Saint Patrick Was born  387 and Died 460, he was he Patron Saint Of Ireland. He Was Taken To Ireland From Wales as a slave and lived and worked farming for 6 years but Escaped And Became a noted Christian missionary. Later Tales attributed miraculous Powers to Saint Patrick. He was known as the “The […]