STOMP!! Were they coming? I looked  in front and behind. Which way?? This place was as big as a maze!  ZOOM!! A dark  silhouette raced by.  Was it Janus? The greek god. Despite all the darkness, I felt freedom, the presence of Janus! I had to find him. My heart was pounding! I heard them […]

A Diary Of a Vampire

November 19, 2016

           15/ Well today was a today a typical day. Drinking blood. All that type of… wait. Today I found a namuh. (Human, if you don’t understand). HAAAA!! I’m freaked out about this creature. It’s right here. Next to me!! “Haaa a VAMPIRE!!” “Shhh!” Please help meee i’m Jim. Heeeelp. ( […]

Mission diamond

November 19, 2016

Once there was a teacher called me ruddy he lived in a normal world with normal people but is he a normal person? The answer well it is top secret so do not tell anyone. Are you ready for the answer well here it is NO!!! He might look like a normal guy well he […]

Funny poems

November 19, 2016

The pets made a bet for a 20 pound note. As the pets met in the school hall a dog and a hog was making a log. On a bed was a sled fed by a troll called Fred. On a land shaped like a hand was a band. They called themselves ten and they looked a […]


November 17, 2016

There once was team in a dream talking and walking away. It had a fight with a knight leading them to victory and there were going in history. There was rat sat in hat smelling and eating away. It soon was chased by a dog into a fog. There was once a book onto a hook […]

A Diary Of A Pet

November 15, 2016

Monday 21st September 2012 Dear Diary, Today I was treated fairly. Do you know why? Should I tell you? I said should I tell!! That’s more like it. (I know you didn’t say anything because, you are just a book. But, I just pretend.But, if you are still saying ” No, you can’t do that!” well […]

Amelia And The Horrible Chef.

November 15, 2016

I have a passion for cooking. Well, if you don’t know my name, it is Amelia. I love cooking. I bake cakes, muffins all that type of stuff. I can cook some proper food like spaghetti, chicken stuff like that. But, I prefer bakery things. I don’t know why, but I like it better. Just […]

100 Word Challenge

November 15, 2016

Matt was a king boy, he lived with his mother, But sadly, I he had lost his father. When, Matt went out into the cruel world. He often didn’t tell his mother. So his mum was often worried about her son. Today Matt went to the woods. (As always, Matt didn’t tell his mum). But, […]

Let me tell you something, my teacher is not like any other teacher. In my whole school! Her name Mrs. Elizabeth. Unlike most teacher they give there second name. Like her name will be Ally Jones. But, the children will call her Mrs. Jones. ( If you don’t understand. Well, sorry but just go with […]

The Assassination

November 15, 2016

There he was on the roof of Edwards mansion, his target. A.J. was an assassin with his three boys .They plan to kill Edward to stop a revolution in Paris. A.J. had different modes stealth mode and thermal mode he intended to activate  both of it. In a flash, they were all assembled.  As they got […]