Funny poems

November 19, 2016

The pets made a bet for a 20 pound note. As the pets met in the school hall a dog and a hog was making a log. On a bed was a sled fed by a troll called Fred. On a land shaped like a hand was a band. They called themselves ten and they looked a […]


November 17, 2016

There once was team in a dream talking and walking away. It had a fight with a knight leading them to victory and there were going in history. There was rat sat in hat smelling and eating away. It soon was chased by a dog into a fog. There was once a book onto a hook […]

Animals poems

October 14, 2016

As the cat chased the mouse out of the house the sky smelled like pie. The cat’s toes hit its nose leaving the mouse to escape. The frog and the dog went into the fog leaving them not to see. As the dog bumped into the frog they both had dizzy minds. Once there was a bear on a […]