S.T. Isabelle of France   Where did she live? S.T. Isabelle lived in the West of Paris. She lived In a house called House of capet. Also, she was born on March 1225 in Paris and died on February 23 1270 in France. She lived with her 2 siblings, mum and dad. Her siblings are […]

Saint nicholas

November 15, 2016

One day there was a women that had no money and she had wanted to get married but they were a poor family that never had money or food. So Saint Nickloas went up on to the chimney and was dropping money. The next day they found out there was money near to the chimney […]

St.Therese (The Little Flower)

November 15, 2016

    St.Therese was the saint of the child Jesus. She was born in 1873, and died in 1897. St.Therese was one of the Patron saint of missions and helps people when they suffer. St.Therese lived in Lisieux, in France. She was one of nine children (though 4 of  the other children died, which meant she […]

St.jacob of Nisibis

November 15, 2016

St.Jacob was made a bishop in 309 AD. He was also known as st.James of Nisibis and st. Jacob of Nusaybin. He was the first Christian to search for the ark of Noah, he found a piece on a mountain (mount judi). St.Jacob died in either 338AD or 350 AD.Also he was the first bishop […]


November 5, 2016

St.Bernadette                                             Feast Day: February 18th                                       Born:1844   Died:1879 St.Bernadette was born in Lourdes. Sadly,she was very […]